Custom Patinas

Fashions vary according to the tastes of each. The important thing is that the result is pleasing to our eyes. Choose, combine, often is not easy. Blends rustic and modern give us great freedom in choosing. In Patinas and sea by car, find the necessary guidance to get you popping results!

Recycle old furniture, is a good choice when the mood a place, are also spacious and comfortable so we can convert them according to our needs.

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My work

The patina finish is a technique with which you are given an aged and worn to any object. Hide imperfections, will hide defects both wood or iron. The patina is a valid process for any kind of finish on wood furniture or other material, as iron or forging.

El betun the Judea, mixed with colorless wax, provides one of the more unusual finishes rustic.

"The possibility of realizing a dream is what makes life interesting. ."

Paulo Coelho

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Inventive to 100%

Recycling old furniture door. Creating a beautiful frame to hang caravans.

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Lightboxes lidded gray like their fittings, and the rest white making a nice contrast.

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Wood Carving

This is woodcarving chose to retain their natural color without patinas. Wearing his reliefs, to your drawing.