Foil frames

This framework skidded flat rod with the same tones, beige lila, etc.. I finished with an aged effect.

White spent

The worn white effect adapts to individual taste, who it is who chooses both whiter or wood wants. In addition to the basis on which this play, are not the same effects in places with molding planes.


Different tones and effects that can realize yourself to your table. On this occasion, a pickling is in earth tones, beige, celeste etc. aged. But he can make the effect you need in your room tones.


Patina decapé in shades of beige, Earth, celeste etc

mesa ratona

This table was operated with ambient tones and guard tones ground floor, celeste, beige etc. I quickly adapted to the environment with its patina decapé.


Dining table with white patina spent! Whenever this effect combinable with any tone and atmosphere.


French-style chair, white patina decapé, its original carved with this cute patina highlight notoriously.

Dining Set

French style dining set with white patina decapé. A lid was kept the original tone of wood. The details of her beautiful carved allow us to play with this cute patina.

Light table

divine light French style table with a patina shade of red aged!


Playhouse with comfortable tones… This was commissioned in shades of pink material made of MDF.


Funny rack! Made with an ancient postigón, decapé in tone patina white chalk broken edges and perchitas skated in the shade of white aged.

mesa ratona

This original tone table remained in the legs, and on its top a beautiful decapé was held in shades of orange, verde, beige and turquoise. thus using all the colors of the environment so that it remains visually integrated.

aged white

Classical aged white patina… super combinable! A patina of timeless and adapts to any environment tone fabrics and textures.


Window shutter skated in shades of beige and wood making a beautiful contrast with the green wall, he placed a candle apply for.


With two rustic wood work a decorative box was armed to fill an empty wall space. This foil country in shades of brown and green patina allowed us to adapt to wood.

Old costureo

This divine and old sewing was totally restored. He skated in shades of white worn and aged in addition to the detail of a decoupage on top…with a divine design.

Light table

Lightboxes American style, thin legs underwent surgery to decorate the bedroom of a pre adolesente. We used shades of black and fuchsia, making contrasts…etc.

small table

This practical table located in the corner of an office, It was patinated in black tones and silver to suit worn with chairs in the same space. Permitting these tones highlight objects…that rest on the same.

game room

In this classic game in tone wooden dining, I skated with a white spent playing with wood to achieve a rustic effect. This tone was achieved illuminate the space of the house, besides giving a beautiful contrast with its blue wall background.


For classic wooden furniture in the kitchen, We can intervene them with some decapé in white tone as in this case, allowing us to play with your background color! Tapping it with fun tiradores..como here.

Dining Set

This dinette originally varnished, It was renovated with this divine white worn patina, leaving wood background appear. And thus gaining a more rustic and modern style.


Divine mesa..para tea, for letters or just to fill the corner! It was aged white patina, It patina as this allows us to adapt to any color and texture that is around.

Marcos board

This plaster frame was painted with a warm green and will adapt a blackboard which becomes very useful and also allows us to decorate any space.


This ancient Lightbox year 1920 It was completely renovated, He had an original stamp of its French origin, donated by the Bianchi family for recycling. It was aged white patina intervenirle plus shelves and doors in tone green apple. To give a more fun and youthful.

Frances mirror frame

This mirror with carved frame in French style, He was chosen by its owner in white with gold patina highlighting some edge, and mainly its cut flowers. It was hanging on an orange wall, which emphasizes the notoriously.


Lightbox French style, It was operated to give this very modern and fun twist! As a whole is painted white worn edges, and its interior painted with this green so cute, that identifies.

French-style mirror

This French-style mirror, with its beautiful frame, It was skated in modern colors and fun… white, verde, wood, lacquer and bitumen. The mirror has a 3cm bezel, and carved frame, They allow us to visually delight. Ideal for any room in your wall. Super lindo!


Lightbox French style. Painted white, edges worn in their original brass handles. This table oldest light comes alive as so, a combined option.

Patina on wood carving

Wood carvings is a delight for lovers of patinas, let us play with their reliefs and forms. Thousands are the colors that they can be used! In this case the colors used were… white, verde, wood in its original color to any area in the left part, lacquer and bitumen! This technique gives us this result so cute!

Aged white patina

This patina is very inclusive and it allows us to rejuvenate classical any object, furniture, giving it a modern look and allowing it match the rest. You can add the worn wood tone or color that was below it appear leaving, everything is optional according to the tastes of each.


Decapé chair with green and wood. This chair was restored and renovated with beautiful moldings allows us to play when it comes to give that tired and worn patina effect this allows us. The tone of this green so modern and inclusive allows us to give a very nice touch to this patina.

Pallets chair

Original armchair pallets pallets backed the original color remained the same, applying sealer and wax for completion. He placed four wheels and arms poses we skated iron (imitating an oxide tone). With a high density mattress, ecru jacket and matching cushions. So I finish our work manager for our client who trusted us to carry out.

Antique Sewing

Old sewing wood was totally recycling, I spent white edges in full, on the inside it was lined with patterned paper in shades of lilac white, pink and violet. Its owner that kept him with great emotional value, Now you can give use.


Pinotea beautiful table with turned legs… We were commissioned us improve its cover since it had spots…We offered a decapé patinarla so that the wood color appears. At the left leg as were. In this way improved his cover was very nice change and highlighted the detail of the legs that really are beautiful!

Back (cartel LOVE)

This support was made with old wood grill bed. They maintain their rustic look and old treated. The detail in the lower right edge tone LOVE aged white finish gives beautiful! Simply simple…

Back (cartel LOVE )

Here's a sample of the originality of our customers! He was given a warm touch, romantic and unique! Adding lights to support handcrafted for us in aged white tone with a touch lower edge termination right word LOVE, commissioned by their owners in the same tone as the bottom wall!


Here you can see a simple job and very decorative, back (poster style) with details of the word LOVE, in gray wall equal to give an original touch to the back, it designed by us in aged white tone gives it a rustic appearance and delicate time for whoever observes! Old bedside tables were also restored and patinated with white edges spent! Super stay warm this special area of ​​the house!

French-style mirror

Francés.Patina frame with beveled mirror style with white and gold spent on its beautiful carved top!

Mesa rustica

This table was made with two pallet, treated, sanded and varnished. It measures 60x120cm. Was added wheels to raise good height give a neater finish and a rustic and modern mix! At the request of its owner, It was applied in one seal plugs and cap, to give so…a personal touch.

French style frame

French style frame, This patina was realized in the carving of an old French style frame, it was skated at the request of its owner in white and gold. In the picture you can see the white and patina imitating an old look, spent… in golden tone.


Bargueño old furniture. This furniture was recycled in a very original way, designed for a quarter of teenagers which your task is to supplant the classic nightstands. Fun and original painted white and worn edges penalties.


Comfortable French style, cover naturally maintaining its color, I will seal and Encero. The rest of it's skated blank spent and contrasting his style with the detail of their shooters bronze.


This room try to recycle everything! A standing mirror, I will add a nice frame with a worn and aged white patina, In this way we achieve this important mirror that hung horizontally above the sofa bed. The comfortable old now transformed into furniture, eliminándole their last drawer shelf. It was skated with the same style.


Comfortable armchair pallet fun, the size and color you choose for the place you have in your home. On this occasion they were given a dark varnish, to group it with the rest of the tones of the house, a mat of 12cm thickness. The bolsters and lining the optical termination give.


This furniture was transformed from a comfortable simple that no longer had use, thereto shall I take two drawers , instead adding a shelf, the same was given a white finish with aged patina and this is the result.


Antique desk patinated white cedar spent, enhancing its edges and moldings. Now it will be part of an office.



Table Divine light finely patinated white worn, respecting the lid of it in its original pitch. Its beautiful contrast between white and wood allow us to keep their line giving a modern twist and keeping it for many years more.


American bench

It was painted white and re upholstered with a fabric beautiful butterflies. In these cases when we have to play much wood marking presence and attention is the fabric as in this case.


This Lightbox had a surprising change in her tone dark wood, to make it more appealing and fun you combine two colors, pink outside and white inside shelf, marking its impact and depth…. we add casters!!!Now has a modern style and found his identity.


French style chair was white and aged patina re upholstered fabrics with two different designs but same tone. His style and form continues to draw attention, allows despite years can be maintained in use.