My Philosophy

I always had the idea that we must fulfill dreams. For more difficult they may seem, no greater satisfaction than a dream come true. In my personal experience, do not miss any opportunity that would give me happiness.

One day I felt I could be in charge of my own business, devote my time to work for my clients, create my own ideas and pass on my knowledge. Thus began, Patinas and sea by car.

My Motivation

Work done with good vibes, achieved great results. The recognition and approval is essential, when I work I always need that contact with clients, to feel their tastes and exchange ideas.

Undeniably, really makes me happy to please, realize their ideas, or achieve the desired results of the work. Join this result is my great motivation.

over 10 years experience

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My inspiration

I always seduced the world of decoration, recycled, colors, the thousand and one ideas of creativity. Sometimes ideas come from other creatives. To do this I found the social network Pinterest.

There are many proposals that it offers. We can find recycled from a light table to an old door as a backup bed. From then on things infinite.

The color combinations are very important to the visual, but the reality is that these days anything goes, the rustic, classic and old. Achieving a good set wave and tasteful putting.

In this network, we can check the latest trends, decorating tips, exquisite divine ideas that would secure at home.

I advise, Have fun, browsing this tide of ideas, to jointly achieve the best result in what feel like going with you!

Best of all is that Patinas and sea by car you can make. Do not hesitate to consult, we love sharing your project and become part of the.